Illuminated membrane switches that speak for themselves

WIKO-Technik is one of the world's leading manufacturers of illuminated touch pads. Using the 'WIKO system', you will profit from tactile feedback beginning at a unit height of only 4 mm.

Structure of an illuminated membrane switch:

1. Decor foil with a keypad and LED window

2. Upper adhesive foil - adhesive on both sides

3. Upper switching foil - printed contacts

4. Spacer

5. Lower switching foil with printed contacts and integrated LED

6. Lower adhesive foil - adhesive on both sides

7. Potential carrier plate

8. Potential circuit board

This is only possible due to a special soldering method for the component and the circuit board. As you might have realised, the versatile WIKO-System gives you plenty of opportunities to create your touch pad.

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