Membrane Switches from WIKO-Technik

Made-to-measure quality: our products

Membrane switches consist of various components that can be manufactured and combined entirely according to your personal wishes - and, of course, with the well-known WIKO-Technik quality.

Membrane Switches - Structure I

The decorative foil consists of polyester, while the adhesive foil is made from pure acrylate. On low-energy surfaces it is also possible to use other adhesive foils.

Membrane Switches - Structure II

Similar to structure I, but with the decorative foil glued to a carrier plate that can be made of a wide variety of materials.

Membrane Switches - Structure III

In this case the whole touch pad is pasted on a carrier plate or on a milled-out plate, so creating a new and homogeneous product.

WIKO-Technik prefers polyester foils for membrane switches and decorative foils, since in this way different coefficients of expansion can be avoided and highly reliable application is assured. WIKO-Technik can of course make use of other materials, according to the design and to what the customer wants.